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  • Kelsey Bergey

Switch up your spaghetti

Alright this is a pretty sophisticated recipe…kidding I am totally kidding. This here is beginner level and a great way to mix it up when you are tired of your go to meals.

  1. Buy a French loaf (my favorite is the whole wheat one from Walmart).

  2. Slice loan into pieces.

  3. Lightly butter.

  4. Sprinkle with garlic seasoning (Garlic Sea-Salt Grinder by McCormick is our go to).

  5. Brown hamburger, drain grease & add your favorite spaghetti sauce.

  6. Spoon spaghetti mixture onto French loaf.

  7. Top with a melty cheese (muenster is our choice).

  8. Broil at 500 degrees until the cheese is melted.

More than likely you will have a ton of leftover sauce so plan to have spaghetti with noodles in a few days

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