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  • Kelsey Bergey

Pasta recipes you'll want to make ASAP

Does anyone else pin a million recipes on Pinterest then only try a few? I’m so guilty of this because some require too many ingredients or more prep work than I’m willing to do. I went through my Pinterest “bites to eat” board and picked out my favorite (read made over and over again) pasta recipes, I’m all about those carbs.

At our house we love homemade mac n cheese, this one is super simple and doesn’t require many ingredients. I skip the mustard powder and only use sharp cheddar (2 cups).

Another mac n cheese because sometimes you need to mix it up a bit. I skip the mustard powder on this one as well. I once tried to skip the mozzarella cheese (because I was out of it), and I do not recommend it.

This pasta is super yummy and only requires you to use one pan (it’s true!). I recommend buying a bottle of apple wine and splitting the chicken broth amount to half broth and half wine. We always skip the salt. Here’s a link for Cajun seasoning.

This is the best (for real) alfredo sauce and SO easy to make. Only make this if you’re willing to give up on the pre-made type permanently because you won’t be able to go back. I don’t buy fresh parsley because well it will go to waste and sometimes I use plain cream cheese.


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