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  • Kelsey Bergey

I thought it was a lie...

I thought the results people were having from using Monat were a lie. I thought these were people not showing their real before pictures. I thought there were plenty of other good products. I thought I didn’t need Monat.

And then someone I knew in real life took the leap and started using Monat. I knew her results were real because I knew the woman I saw in the before pictures. This is when I became curious, when I started reaching out and asking questions, when I would fill my cart to sign up as a VIP only to exit out.

Then one day I decided, that’s enough, after all the results I’ve seen and questions I’ve asked I at least owe it to this woman and myself to TRY Monat. After all, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee so I really had nothing to loose. So I did it, I signed up as a VIP and started. I told no one, I didn’t want anyone to think I was nuts if my results weren’t there.

And then…the results showed up in a big way. The products were as amazing as so many women had been saying, they did produce real results, and the ingredients were healthy for my hair. I was in love. Next thing I knew I signed up as a Marker Partner.

If you’re doubting Monat, I get it. But take a moment to look at my real results. In areas I didn’t even realize I was thinning. I’ve always struggled to grow my hair past my shoulders but I thought I just had bad hair. Turns out the products I was using weren’t the best fit for my hair. And that’s where Monat came in and took the spotlight.

Get yours here.

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