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  • Kelsey Bergey

How to start meal planning to save money

Does the thought of meal planning stress you out? I get it, sometimes I am not up for it either. But do you know what stresses me out more? NOT having a plan, getting home at 5pm and having no idea what’s for supper with no meat thawed and half the ingredients for my one idea being MIA. My heart is racing just thinking about that s*** show!

Let me help you make this easy. First look in your pantry to see what you have on hand. Then check your fridge and freezer to see what needs to be used.

Grab a piece of paper, write down M - T - W - TH - F in list form. Seriously, only plan five meals at a time because life happens, you are bound to have a day that does not go as planned or more leftovers than you expected.

We set out meat for about 3 days at a time. Never set out a whole week at a time, because again life happens.

With the cost of food rising, and my desire to shop local, I almost always check the local ad to see what is on sale that we can make this week. Pinterest is another great space to find inspiration for meals to make. If you follow my Instagram I do my best to share our weekly meal plan to give you a little inspiration or a plan to copy.

Another helpful thing to do is write down a list of 20ish meals that you know your family enjoys and you find easy to make so you always have that list to pull from when you are working on what to make for the week.

Here’s my go to meals : taco, spaghetti, baked chicken breasts, burgers, crockpot roast

If you would like more help I am always just an email or message away!


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